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  • Description: Yale-Brown Scrimmage
  • Filename: 47-A17C0051-47.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Lehigh
  • Filename: 06-A17C4335-06.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Lehigh
  • Filename: 19-A17C4469-19.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Lehigh
  • Filename: 57-D17B0305-57.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Brown Scrimmage
  • Filename: 73-A17C2121-73.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Cornell
  • Filename: 92-A17C5666-92.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Princeton
  • Filename: 78-A17D9325-78.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Penn
  • Filename: 85-A17D4905-85-TR.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Brown
  • Filename: 23-D17B2384-23.jpg

  • Description: Yale-Harvard
  • Filename: 14-A17E3099-14-AA.jpg

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